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        SD Lock
        Door Lock
        Pad Lock
        Ningbo Dater Lock Products Co., Ltd, located in the harbour city of Ningbo, China, was founded in 1980s.

        Our company has always committed itself to developing and manufacturing all kinds of locks since its foundation, and has become a professional manufacturer of coffer locks. With the common effort of our staff and many years’ accumulation of manufacturing experience, we are able to design, develop and manufacture the products. Moreover, we are now perfectly equipped with all kinds of manufacturing equipments, so that we have had the ability to develop and customize many types of products for European and American clients, and to provide a complete set of product design, development and manufacture service for domestic clients.

        Our company always sticks to software and hardware input into such aspects as management and technology, and has always speeded up development of new products and update of the original product technology and quality. We have applied for and obtained several patents, possessing many core manufacturing patent technologies. The higher-rank bank coffers we developed and manufactured have become the first domestic products that have passed the American UL attestation. In addition, all kinds of lock components and parts we produced can meet the needs of different clients.

        The company has always given priority to the quality of the products and taken the production of high quality products as its foothold. It has passed the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System and hereby regarded it as the company’s quality management principle. Besides, under this system it has formulated its own strict interior quality management system, strictly inspecting every production process and controlling the pass of the products.

        Our products are mainly sold to foreign countries, such as Europe, US, etc. Pursuing the management concept of “Strive for business opportunities relying on quality, survival on innovation and development on benefit”, we have received acclaim of the quality of our products and service from our clients. We warmly welcome clients home and abroad to visit our company and hold talks with us.
        Add:Hengjie Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, China   Contact person: Linsu, Joe   Tel:0574-88283888, 0574-88283138
        Fax:0574-88281888   E-mail:nbdater@aliyun.com    QQ:173925151